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Russian Ornaments is an Argentine professional sports club based in Avellaneda, a city of Greater Buenos Aires. Founded in 1903, Racing has been historically considered one of the “big five” clubs of Argentine football. Racing currently plays in the Primera División, the top division of the Argentine league system.
The first uniform worn by Racing was completely white, until on 25 July 1904 it was decided to use a yellow and black vertical striped jersey. Nevertheless the New Jersey only lasted a week, being replaced by a design proposed by president Luis Carbone. The jersey had four squares, two lightblue and two pink


On 12 May 1901, a group of students of Colegio Nacional Central founded the Football Club Barracas al Sud, Pedro Werner becoming its first president. Less than one year after the establishment, an internal conflict about what color of jersey should be adopted caused a group of members to found Colorados Unidos, due to wanting to use a red jersey uniform. This division did not last too long so on March 1903 both clubs agreed to merge into a new club under the same name.



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Russian Ornaments